VWO Masterclass Fluorescence Microscopy

Title: Masterclass Fluorescence Microscopy
Date: 18-19 November 2021 (Annual)
Location: LCAM-FNWI Sciencepark
Contact: Charlotte Clarijs & Mark Hink
Previous editions: Mar & Nov. 2013, Nov. 2014, Nov. 2015, Mar 2017

Once a year a masterclass Fluorescence Microscopy is organised. This is in collaboration with the It’s Academy/Betapartners Academie that tries to activate highschool (VWO) students to  follow bèta and technical studies by focusing and challenge the students on these topics. One of the activities is to organise Masterclasses where motivated students can sign in.

The Masterclass Fluorescence Microscopy is a two days course in Dutch that allows 12-20 5 & 6-VWO students to learn more about biology and microscopy. During the course the students will isolate, purify DNA encoding for celorganelle markers tagged with a gene for green fluorescent protein. After the introduction of this recombinant DNA in cells the students will work with fluorescence microscopes to visualize the fluorescent proteins and to recognize the enlightned celorganelles. A demo with an advanced confocal microscope will illustrate the capabilities of modern state-of-the art microscopes to monitor the function and dynamics of proteins in a living cell, which is important to study cell biology and medicine.

Download Masterclass 2021 files  (till Dec 31st 2021)